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Where Is SV Delos? Searching On The Chesapeake Bay

In this episode of Salty Doug Sailing, I try to meet up with an absolute legend – a sailor and YouTuber who, along with his brother and their significant others and friends, has been adventuring around the world for over a decade.

SV Delos has sailed around the world, their crew experiencing everything cruisers can encounter. And in the process, they’ve become indisputable proof that the cruising lifestyle is both achievable and sustainable. The videos of their journey are watched by nearly a million subscribers, and it’s not overstating it to say that their subscribers live vicariously through those videos.

I found out that SV Delos was on the Chesapeake Bay, somewhere in Salty Doug Sailing’s home waters, from one of their Instagram posts. Being a die-hard fan, I set out early the next morning, determined to see if my Search & Rescue skills from my days as a Coast Guard volunteer were still up to scratch.

Could I find SV Delos somewhere on the biggest estuary of North America? Would I be able to wish Brian, a new dad, Happy Fathers Day? Watch this video as Salty Doug Sailing is Chasing Delos!

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