My Island Packet, Jubilee

I’ve been in love with the sea, and the idea of living on the water, since boyhood. Pirate movies were (and still are!) my thing.

After owning a small daysailer in my twenties, sailing it up and down the Potomac, and then spending a few years boat-less, I found and fell in love with Jubilee, my 1992 Island Packet “pocket cruiser”.

A full keel cutter-rigged boat, she’s capable of going pretty much anywhere. She’s been my home-away-from-home and the one constant in my life for the past two decades.

baby sea turtle Florida

Loves beyond sailing

My love for the sea extends beyond sailing. I’m a PADI-certified Rescue Diver, having hundreds of dives in places that include the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Red Seas, as well as a number of inland locations.

I also spent 15 years as a volunteer for the United States Coast Guard, supporting a number of training and safety missions. Currently, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to marine life conservation, specifically the protection of sea turtles that call the Florida Gulf Coast home.